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Auto Attendant

Your phone is the most used entrance into your business. Are your recordings done by a reluctant employee or IT technician?


INPHO uses experienced, professional voice talents and years of experience to make polished and audibly pleasing recordings that eliminate caller frustration and redefine the whole phone experience. With INPHO talent to help them navigate your phone system they’re loving your company from the first phone call.

80% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services. When consumers buy from your brand in 2021, they’re not just purchasing a product or service — they’re purchasing the experience you provide, too (source: Salesforce).

In 2020, the customer experience was the number one key brand differentiator, beating out both product and price. B2B buyers want products and services that are easy to understand, buy, and use  (Source: Walker Info).

Next to the benefit of improving the caller experience at your company and reducing caller frustration, the price is the best thing: $0.75 a word (75 cents). Professionally narrated, recorded, and delivered to you. The only “catch” is a $50 minimum, which is amazingly affordable. We provide a branding continuity that brings everything together. And just to give you an idea…this paragraph is 82 words long. (Discounts on projects over 200 words). Upload script for a quote. (link)

We can also provide writing assistance. Send us what you have and we’ll give you a writing quote.

Spanish recordings and writing assistance available too.

Calls will influence $1 trillion in US consumer spending this year. In our mobile-first world, calls are often the most convenient way for customers to learn more and decide to move forward with a purchase (Source: BIA/Kelsey)

For IT & IS Professionals

INPHO offers the same creative, professional, and polished voice-over recordings for VoiP telephone systems, hosted IP phones, UCC systems and virtually any other platform that plays a prerecorded audio file. We work with some of the top VoiP services like SAR Voice Systems, InfoStructure, Ring Central, Broadsoft, Comcast, Vonage, Mitel MiCloud, ShoreTel Connect, 8×8, Phone.com, 1 VoiP, Nextiva, RingByName, PhonePower, and more. Whether you’re an IT/IS professional, a vendor or simply the guy who wants his phone presence to impress his customers, INPHO has you covered. When a call is a customer’s first encounter with your business, the impression they get is largely based on what they hear. The simplicity with which they can contact the right person indicates how accommodating you will be in all other interactions. One phone call is all it takes to wow a potential customer.

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