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88% of healthcare appointments are scheduled by phone.

Prospective patients who research online prefer to call because healthcare is personal and private. People booking healthcare appointments for themselves, their children, or other family members want to speak to a real human being. (Source: Sequence)

In a busy healthcare office, putting callers “On Hold” is unavoidable. INPHO keeps them on hold so they can talk to a live person. You can’t staff enough to deal with every call immediately. But putting a call “On Hold” doesn’t have to be a negative experience. INPHO raises caller on hold satisfaction by 60% versus music or old clichés like “Your call is important” and “Thank you for holding,”.

Talk with us and find out why putting them “On Hold” speeds the process of scheduling an appointment.

Design a better caller experience and emphasize what makes your office unique.

INPHO Information On Hold will help build patient awareness about healthcare changes, elevate satisfaction, and reduce hang ups and call backs. INPHO can help change patient behavior by prompting them to take action, while engaging callers and showing them their time is valuable. INPHO can promote your providers, their credentials and expertise. Callers will be more satisfied with their experience with your office and more likely to refer their friends and family.

At INPHO, we offer a unique and customized on-hold messaging package tailored for your medical office. Take advantage of the opportunity to utilize even the shortest wait time to share beneficial information with your patients.

Message On Hold Can…


Promote TeleHealth and Virtural Visits


Convey details, such as hours, location, and prescription refill policies


Inform them of office policies and procedures


Make them aware of what they should bring to each visit


Part of a comprehensive patient care approach


Guide them to resources on your website

Design a better caller experience.

INPHO Improves the caller/patient experience with our unique approach. Our team of professional script writers, production specialists and voice talent have years of experience working with the Healthcare industry. Whether your practice is Primary Care, Surgical, Specialty, Alternative, Psychiatric, Chiropractic, or Physical Therapy let us create messages that really speak to your patient’s needs and help set your practice apart from the rest. We also offer completely licensed music that complies with copyright laws, as well as top-notch voice talent to add a personal touch. INPHO Information On Hold has over 25 years of experience customizing on-hold programs for Healthcare offices.


We are so happy that we switched to INPHO. Changes to our on-hold message are quick & easy and the customer service is outstanding. We highly recommend INPHO Information On Hold to anyone in need of this type of service.

Tammy Bryant, RN,
River Road Medical Group 

What the other guys don’t tell you.


Through years of testing and research, we’ve designed a program that makes on-hold messaging effortless for you!  The kind of phones and phone service you use makes a difference! Why? Because Hosted VoIP services like Weave, Nextiva, Comcast, and Ooma play the on hold production from the beginning each time a call is put on hold. Telephone systems like NEC, Panasonic, and Vodavi play messages in a loop so each time a call is placed on hold the caller hears something different.

This distinction makes a difference concerning the best way to present the information to the caller and how to mix with the music. INPHO knows the optimal way to craft your on hold program to achieve maximum effect depending on which type of system you have.

No Term commitments. Leave with 30 days’ notice. Unlike other on hold companies, INPHO typically does not require an equipment purchase.

Caller retention rate is 28% higher than web lead retention rate. Driving calls from healthcare marketing campaigns is also more profitable in the long-term — callers are more loyal than web leads. (Source: Forrester)

Reduce patient and staff frustration with unique phone tree and voicemail greetings for your healthcare office.

The number of calls your practice receives keeps going up. How your Phone Tree handles a call during busy times of the day and what the caller hears while on hold can help modify patient behavior by prompting them to take action, while showing them their time is valuable. INPHO can create effective custom Phone Tree, Auto Attendant, IVR, Voice Mail Greeting and Announcements for your practice.

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