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MUSIC ONLY packages start at $30 a month

Multiple location rates are significantly lower, particularly if most or all of the messaging is shared at other sites.

CLICK HERE FOR PRICING: Auto Attendant, Voicemail, Voice Prompts, Call Queue, Phone Tree and Voice Recordings.

"Is it worth it?" is a legitimate question.

So, let’s put it into perspective really quick. You can get everything you need to enhance you callers experience and convert even more new patients over the phone for less than the cost of your internet bill, your Starbucks habits, a tank of gas, a simple lunch for two, the list goes on and on. Let’s imagine…  If INPHO can get you even half of the results each month, does it really matter if INPHO charges you a monthly fee? Plus there’s no term commitment.

Convert callers into happy customers, patients, residents, guests… for less than $2 a day. And retain them too!

INPHO’s team of talented script writers, production specialists, and voice talent will craft messages that will engage your callers and make you wish you had reached out to us sooner.

We also offer completely licensed music that complies with copyright laws, as well as top-notch voice talent to add a personal touch. INPHO Information On Hold has over 25 years of experience customizing on-hold messages.

INPHO can also record your company Auto Attendant, Phone Tree and Voicemail greetings. Our experienced, professional voice talents have years of experience making polished, pleasing Auto Attendant and Voicemail Greetings.  (click here to go to AA pricing)

Keep the ring: we’re not looking for a commitment.

It’s not only what we do that makes us different. What we don’t do is equally impressive.

  • We don’t charge a set-up fee.
  • We don’t require long-term contracts.
  • We don’t hold you hostage in any way, shape, form, or fashion.

Simply pay your first month in advance. We don’t need to meet your parents; we won’t ask for our own shelf in your medicine cabinet and you can leave when you want. It’s that simple. Once we’re really comfy with one another, you can pay quarterly, twice a year or annually. It’s really that easy.

Our Mission

Our goal is to be a business partner that our clients rely on to provide them with fast, high quality recordings that deliver results prompting them to recommend us to their friends and associates.

Don’t waste another minute on hold.
Maximize every call. CONTACT INPHO today!

IVR voice recordings, Call Queue recordings, Phone Tree recordings, Auto Attendant recordings, Voicemail greetings, Voice prompts.

BIG Impression…Itty-Bitty Cost

Your phone is the first or second most used entrance into your business. Are your recordings done by a reluctant employee or IT technician? INPHO uses experienced, professional voice talents and years of experience to make polished and audibly pleasing recordings that eliminate caller frustration and redefine the whole phone experience. With INPHO talent to help them navigate your phone system they’re loving your company from the first phone call.

Next to the benefit of improving the caller experience at your company and reducing caller frustration, the price is the best thing: 75 cents a word. Professionally narrated, recorded, and delivered to you. The only “catch” is a $50 minimum, which is amazingly affordable. We provide a branding continuity that brings everything together. And just to give you an idea…this paragraph is 82 words long. (We offer discounts on projects over 200 words). Upload your script for a quote today.

Turnaround time is 3-4 business days or less on projects under 500 words. Many times, larger projects can be done in the same time frame it just depends on the availability of the voice talent. Rush options are available.

We can also provide writing assistance and Spanish recordings. Just send us what you have and we’ll give you a writing quote.

Compatible with all phone systems.

 Message audio files are professionally engineered and delivered to you in your choice of format.

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