Fresh baked homemade or week-old store bought?

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In reality, that’s the choice you’re faced with when it comes to on-hold marketing, VoiP messaging, auto attendant greeting: all those audio productions that make your company sound better than the rest. INPHO doesn’t use the ‘cut and paste’ method to create your message. Our goal is to make you sound better than your competition, NOT the same. That’s why we spend time gathering the right information, learning about your company’s philosophy, understanding the things that make you unique in a competitive marketplace. Your customer’s can get stale anywhere. Serve them something as fresh and exciting as your desire to earn their business with INPHO.

Not the biggest…just the best

As a ‘David’ in a sea of Goliaths, we’ve become extremely adept at moving faster than the lumbering masses. This simply means you get it done quicker with sincere creativity. It means we have time to talk with you and even more importantly, to listen to you. And here’s another thing: we don’t waste time thinking about why something can’t be accomplished. We simply dive in and get it done and we do it with an innovative creativity and effectiveness that’s almost scary and always impressive. Always.

You’re a client…not a hostage

(Read Bob’s letter to REALLY understand)

The owner (Bob Vigil) does NOT like making you stay if you want to go. He has a very clear, very strong opinion on how to keep your business and it has nothing to do with long-term contracts, signatures in blood or any kind of ritualistic oath-taking ceremony. We simply provide an amazing product with stellar service and if you ever feel like you need to leave, we won’t hold you hostage. We promise.

Quality designed specifically for your company
Personal service from REAL people with a passion for dazzling our clients:
THAT’S why you should call INPHO

A message from Bob Vigil, President/owner of INPHO

“I’ve worked in the ‘phone’ business since 1985: first as a technician while attending college majoring in marketing. I got to test what I learned much sooner than I anticipated when I became part owner of this company. Of course, this is the same time I received a crash course in making sure your customer is more than satisfied. THAT was the best lesson I ever learned.

With the help of some great employees, we grew the company and made it a successful venture. I decided I needed another challenge, so I sold my half and went to work for MCI. I learned more about telecommunications and more importantly, how to use them to grow my client’s businesses. This is where I learned to hate the whole idea of long-term contracts. Our clients felt locked in, unable to leave even if they found a better provider or price. I decided to do things differently.

I purchased INPHO Information On Hold in 1995 and built on the strong foundation they already established. My philosophy was (and is) to earn your business every single day, always giving you the option of going elsewhere. That’s your right. My job is to treat you so good you’ll stick around. Today, we’re still in the business of helping your business grow by delivering an excellent experience for every caller that you place on hold. From quality copywriting to professional voice talent, excellent music and quick turnaround time, we focus on meeting YOUR needs. I learned a long time ago that if we focus on meeting your needs we never have to worry about meeting ours.

We have an ‘in-office studio’, so we control the quality of our productions from start to finish. Each production is a custom creation using no automated mixing programs, giving you a one-of-a-kind production. Making it personal makes all the difference. I’m confident you’ll appreciate the quality of our productions and the amazing level of personal service we provide at INPHO. Thanks for checking us out!”

Bob Vigil

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