On Hold Messages for Dentist Offices

They’ve called your dental practice and they’re ready to listen. Why give them the “silent treatment” when you put them on hold?  INPHO Information On Hold® reinforces your brand while informing and entertaining the people who are calling. They will be more satisfied with their experience and your dental office and more likely to refer their friends.

Educate while your callers wait

You spend marketing resources trying to get the phones ringing. INPHO Information On Hold® makes the best of that opportunity, using hold time to share your practice’s message with your valued callers. No silence. No repetitive music. Hold time is your time to speak directly to current and prospective patients who have called you and want to see you.

  • Promote dental services, procedures and new technology
  • Tell them you appreciate referrals
  • Reinforce your dentist office identity and culture
  • Inform them of ongoing education

Emphasize how unique your practice is

INPHO®’s professional script writers, production specialists and voice talent will create on hold messages that enhance your image; target callers needs and help them make informed buying decisions. We also provide fully licensed music to comply with copyright laws and quality voice talent to maximize the personal touch. INPHO Information On Hold® has years of experience crafting customized on-hold messages for dentist offices.

Unlike other on hold companies, INPHO does not require an equipment purchase. Through years of testing and research, we’ve designed a program that makes on-hold messaging effortless for you!  INPHO can also record your company Auto Attendant, Phone Tree and Voicemail greetings. Our experienced, professional voice talents have years of experience making polished, pleasing Auto Attendant and Voicemail Greetings.

“INPHO may have been one of the smartest decisions we've made. Switching to INPHO was like stepping out of the "On-Hold Dark Ages". Messages are read and delivered quickly, adjustments are simple, and they are seamlessly uploaded to our phone system. All I have to do is provide the concept and INPHO takes care of the rest. I can't say enough the crew at INPHO; from their professionalism and their level of service, to the quality of the final product, INPHO has consistently hit the mark!”
—Brian Cotner, Marketing Manager, O'Brien Dental Lab, Inc.

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