Auto Attendant & Phone Tree

…The receptionist in your electronic lobby

You turn onto the drive and pass through an arched wrought iron and brick entrance. The lane is meticulously maintained, the landscaping perfect in every way. You stop at the apex of the circular drive, right in front of the impressive resort. You exit your car, walk up the marble steps to the large, richly polished mahogany doors. Suddenly, they swing open and you’re greeted by_________. Your phone is the “electronic entrance” into your business.
How does your company fill in the blank?

It’s ALWAYS about the experience.

It’s not the phone system that matters most. Whether you have a VOIP phone system, Key System or PBX, what your callers hear during every portion of their call makes an impression that ultimately affects your bottom line. When a call is the first contact with your company, the image of your business is created solely by what they hear. The ease by which they can connect with the appropriate individual tells them how accommodating you will be in all other transactions. With your potential customer, one call says it all.

Auto Attendants and Voicemail Prompts

Make your first impression your best impression
It’s not so much that callers don’t like being instructed to ‘press one’ or ‘enter your party’s extension number now’. It’s the WAY they’re told. One of the most frequent complaints of callers is the often confusing and/or indecipherable instructions they hear…or don’t hear. INPHO Information On Hold uses experienced, professional voice talents and years of experience to make polished and audibly pleasing Auto Attendant and Voicemail Greetings that eliminate caller frustration and redefine the whole phone tree experience. With INPHO talent to help them navigate your phone system they’re loving your company from the first phone call. You’re welcome.

IVR, ACD and Other Telephony Prompts

It’s only impressive if it SOUNDS impressive
We’re wired to react to sound. Certain sounds immediately identify, verify, justify our memories, our desires and our choices. Think about the three magic notes that for all intents and purposes identify NBC. Only four notes are necessary to identify Intel. The wrong sound distracts from the efficiency and productivity provided by telecommunications technology such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Automated Call Distribution and other modern tools of telephony. If you want to dazzle them with technology, let the professionals at INPHO Information On Hold give the right voice to your IVR and ACD prompts. We provide a branding continuity that brings everything together, placing YOUR distinctive sound first and foremost in the minds of your callers. Now THAT’S impressive.

BIG impression...
Itty-bitty cost

Next to the benefit of improving the professional appeal of your company and easing caller frustration, the price is the best thing. If we were sitting at a table, I’d lean in close and almost whisper this: $1 a word. Professionally narrated, recorded and then delivered to you. The only ‘catch’ is the $75 minimum, which is amazingly affordable. And just to give you an idea…this paragraph is 75 words long. (discounts on projects over $200)

How quickly do YOU want to dazzle your callers?
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A few helpful tips...

  • Use a format that people are comfy with (i.e.: press zero for the receptionist)
  • Don’t say, “please” before offering each choice. Please. It’s redundant.
  • Limit your menus to no more than 5 options at each level. No one wants a memory test when they’re making a phone call.
  • USE YOUR SLOGAN. If you have a slogan or tagline, use it on your Auto Attendant. It’s a strong way to audibly build brand awareness and bring continuity to your marketing.
  • Make sure you’re not using a digit that’s reserved for special functions. It won’t work for your menu choices and people will get frustrated.
  • ALWAYS give callers the opportunity to make a choice at ANY time. Don’t make them listen to an entire message before letting them enter their choice.
  • Tell them at the start how many choices they have.
  • Frequent callers want to take the ‘fast path’ through your menu selections. Make it easy for them to just enter the extension THEY want and be done with it. They’ll like you for this.
  • Have a separate message for after-hours callers. It’s a great way to remind them about your normal business hours and your time zone. PLUS you can promote your website and social networking sites, too.
  • Don’t shut them out: ALWAYS give your callers the opportunity to leave a message (general mailbox, specific mailbox for individual extensions or both).